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Onstar Unlimited Data Coverage Map

Onstar 4G LTE Coverage Map

Once your Unlimited Access Plan is active, your vehicle can access data at up to 4G LTE speeds (see coverage map below). This connection is provided by AT&T and powered by your vehicle’s battery, with a built-in Wi-Fi hotspot that can support up to seven connected devices. It’s a reliable, powerful connection that isn’t dependent on your smartphone.

You can access your infotainment system to download apps and stream music, podcasts and other content directly from your vehicle’s infotainment system. Your passengers can also use your available Wi-Fi hotspot to check email, hold video conferences, post on social media, stream videos or access your favorite websites.

When click the image below, you’ll be directed to Onstar Official site, Unlimited Data Coverage Map information page. Enter your ZIP code and select an OnStar service to check availability in your area. You can also use the zoom tool on the map to pinpoint any location.

Onstar 4G LTE Coverage Map

Onstar Unlimited Data Coverage Map Latest FAQ

What Should I Do If I am Not Receiving Coverage In My Area?

What is OnStar doing to help ensure its customers receive the best possible coverage?

What Factors Can Impact My Coverage?

I used to be able to receive OnStar service in my area and am now unable to connect. Why is this?

What Cellular Network Does OnStar Rely On For Coverage?

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