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Onstar Customer Service Phone Number

You can call Onstar customer service with this number:


This is NOT Official site. This site has been created for share your knowledge and discuss about Onstar services /plans.

onstar premium plan

OnStar Premium Plan

$49.99 /mo. or $549.90 /yr.

OnStar services consolidated into a comprehensive Premium Plan. This encompasses navigation assistance, Roadside Assistance, Automatic Crash Response, Alexa voice service, a variety of In-Vehicle Apps, including the OnStar Guardian app on your mobile device, the vehicle mobile app, and much more.

OnStar Safety & Security Plan

$29.99/mo. or $299.90 /yr.

Lost? We’ve got you. Fender bender? We’ve got you. Flat tire? We’re on it. Car thieves? We’ll stop them in their tracks. Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, OnStar Guardian® app.

why onstar is worth the money

OnStar Essentials Plan

$39.99 /mo. or $399.90 /yr.

Safety is crucial, and as OnStar, we understand that well. Yet, life offers more than just safety, doesn’t it? Leverage Amazon Alexa to remotely start your car. Save time by checking your fuel level or Vehicle Diagnostics on your phone while you have other tasks at hand. The OnStar Essentials Plan allows you to enjoy all these benefits and more, at an affordable membership cost.

onstar connected vehicle plan

OnStar Connected Vehicle Plan 

$24.99 /mo. or $299.90 /yr.

The OnStar Connected Vehicle Plan elevates connectivity significantly. Experience Amazon Alexa features, In-Vehicle Apps (such as Spotify and Pandora), Unlimited Data, real-time navigation, traffic updates, and a vehicle mobile app for seamless phone-to-car connection, and much more.

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