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Onstar Phone Number

You can call Onstar customer service with this number:


This is NOT Official site. This site has been created for share your knowledge and discuss about Onstar services /plans.

Latest FAQ About Onstar Services

Why is my Internet slow or unavailable

Does OnStar Insurance offer homeowners insurance?

Do you offer insurance for vehicles without OnStar?

Where is OnStar Insurance available?

Will OnStar Insurance Services offer Homeowners Insurance?

OnStar Safety & Security Plan — Now $29.99/mo. or $299.90 /yr.

Prepare for the unexpected, be productive and stay entertained with our best package — in or out of your vehicle.

Unlimited Data Plan — Now $25/mo.
or $150.00 /yr.

You can connect up to seven devices to stream, download, surf, post and more, all from the comfort of your vehicle’s Wi-Fi® Hotspot or up to 50 feet away from it.