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All You Need To Know About OnStar

All you need to know about onstar

What Is OnStar?

OnStar Corporation is a subsidiary of General Motors that provides subscription-based communications, in-vehicle security, emergency services, hands-free calling, turn-by-turn navigation, and remote diagnostics systems throughout the United States, Canada, China, Mexico, Europe, Brazil, and Argentina.

How Does It Work?

By gathering information through your vehicles’ on-board diagnostics system, along with GPS data. It also utilizes cellular technology for voice communication and data transmissions.

The OnStar service allows users to contact OnStar call centers during an emergency. In the event of a collision, detected by airbag deployment or other sensors, Advanced Automatic Collision Notification features can automatically send information about the vehicle’s condition and GPS location to OnStar call centers. OnStar has 24-hour emergency call centers. This Advanced Automatic Collision Notification service is designed to assist emergency response efforts.

All OnStar-equipped vehicles have Stolen Vehicle Tracking, which can provide the police with the vehicle’s exact location, speed, and direction of movement.

Starting in the 2009 model year, General Motors began equipping some new vehicles with Stolen Vehicle Slowdown. This feature allows OnStar to remotely slow down the stolen vehicle. Also in 2009, General Motors began equipping some new vehicles with Remote Ignition Block, allowing OnStar to remotely deactivate the ignition so when the stolen vehicle is shut off, it cannot be restarted.

Onstar Free Trial

For a limited time, you can get up to 3 months of Connected Services and OnStar Safety & Security coverage free to you — but these services are sleeping until you push your blue OnStar button. Get them now and wake up more of what makes your vehicle special.

Vehicle Model Year: 2015+

Eligible 2015 and newer vehicles receive 1 month of OnStar Safety & Security coverage and 1 month of connected services, which includes navigation and Remote Access Plan, and 1 month or 3 GB of 4G LTE data

Vehicle Model Year: 2011-2014

Eligible 2011 and newer vehicles receive 1 month of OnStar Safety & Security coverage and 1 month of connected services, which includes navigation and Remote Access Plan.

Vehicle Model Year: 2006-2010

Eligible 2006 and newer vehicles receive 1 month of the OnStar Safety & Security coverage and 1 month of Turn-by-Turn Navigation. Automatic Crash Response, Roadside Assistance, Emergency-Certified Advisors, Stolen Vehicle Assistance, Crisis Assist, Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Free Onstar Safety and Security Package Includes:

  • Stolen Vehicle Assistance: OnStar Advisors can work with authorities to help recover stolen vehicles quicker and safer.
  • Roadside Assistance: Help if you have a flat tire, run out of gas or find yourself stranded
  • Automatic Crash Response: Built-in sensors can automatically alert an OnStar Advisor, who can then notify first responders on your behalf.
  • Crisis Assist: Special routing assistance and resources you may need if you’re caught in a disaster or severe weather situation.

Free Onstar Connected Services Package Includes:

  • Mobile app: Enjoy full access to the app, including remote start, door lock and unlock, vehicle status and more (if properly equipped).
  • On-Demand Diagnostics: Push your blue OnStar button, and an Advisor can provide real-time vehicle health information.
  • Vehicle Locate: Find your vehicle’s approximate location and nearby address on a map using your vehicle’s mobile app.
  • OnStar Smart Driver: Receive a driving report that can help improve your skills and lead to potential insurance discounts.

Free Onstar Connected Access Package Includes:

  • Mobile app: Access select services such as Marketplace, and view your digital Owner’s Manual, vehicle accessories and more.
  • Proactive Alerts: Know ahead of time about potential issues for select vehicle systems (subject to availability).
  • Vehicle Diagnostics: Receive monthly vehicle health updates via email or text alerts.
  • My GM Rewards: Enroll to earn and redeem points for everyday vehicle needs.

How Do I Use It?

Even if the vehicle is OnStar equipped, no OnStar services are available until the system is activated. Nearly every feature is available by pressing one of the buttons located on your rear view mirror. Simply press the Blue Button and let a friendly, real-time advisor guide you through the quick and easy set up process. It only takes a minute or two!

How Do I Access the Services?

While most OnStar services can be accessed using the Blue, Emergency or Voice Commands button, there are also several other ways to access your features and functions on the go:

Phone – Call OnStar (1-888-466-7827) to:

  • Report stolen vehicle
  • Remotely unlock your doors
  • Remotely sound your horn and lights, if you can’t locate your vehicle
  • Manage your account

Web – Visit to:

  • Access, manager or add to your OnStar services
  • View your full OnStar vehicle diagnostics information
  • Get support

App – Use the MyBuick / MyChevrolet / MyCadillac / MyGMC app to:

  • Reach an advisor
  • View your full vehicle diagnostics information
  • Remotely unlock your doors & start your vehicle (*if equipped)
  • Remotely sound your horn and lights, if you can’t locate your vehicle
  • Access roadside assistance
  • Send directions to your vehicle

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