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Connected Navigation

gmc connected navigation

Onstar Connected Navigation delivers real-time information directly to your vehicle. It is designed to deliver real-time traffic updates, local fuel prices and parking options directly to your vehicle. It uses Enhanced Voice Recognition, which is designed to respond to voice commands quickly and accurately, while providing real-time information about nearby points of interest, such as phone numbers and hours of operation.

Connected Navigation helps make it a breeze to get from point A to point B in properly equipped vehicles. You can also opt into Predictive Navigation, which chooses your preferred routes based on your driving habits (Active Routing) and finds places you care about when searching for destinations (Smart Search).

Real-time info equals real time saved. Your GMC Connected Navigation System looks and works like a smartphone, connects to the cloud, and provides real-time information on roads, restaurants and points of interest. Opt in to Predictive Navigation and your system will remember and choose preferred routes based on your driving habits.

To use Connected Navigation, you must have an active Premium Access Plan and a properly equipped vehicle. For more information about Connected Services and OnStar Safety & Security availability by model year, check out Onstar’s Vehicle Availability below.


Connected Navigation makes it easier to get where you’re going. Give on-screen or voice commands to quickly access live traffic information, search local fuel prices, parking options and more. (Map coverage available in the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. Requires OnStar Connected Navigation trial or subscription.)

Using Real-Time Traffic:

Select whether Traffic is turned off or on. A map will show the flow of traffic, as well as icons for accidents/incidents.


Voice-command system has been enhanced to be faster, respond more accurately to commands and understand a more natural language. Now with two cabin microphones to help recognize even longer, more complex commands. You can now use more casual language when using the Connected Navigation system. For example, you can ask if a particular restaurant or retailer is located nearby.


Connect to the cloud and get the most up-to-date information on favorite restaurants, local attractions and more — including hours of operation and phone numbers for nearby shops and retailers. (Requires OnStar Connected Navigation trial or subscription.)


This opt-in feature can help your navigation system learn your preferences — like where your favorite places are and your preferred ways to get there. Smart Search, which finds places you care about when searching for destinations. Active Routing, which chooses your preferred roads based on your driving habits. Active Routing, which chooses your preferred roads based on your driving habits.

Using Predictive Navigation:

The first time you open the Navigation app, you’ll have the choice to opt in to Predictive Navigation. This helps the system learn where you like to go.

• You can turn Predictive Navigation on and off in Navigation settings.

• If you opt in to Predictive Navigation, the system populates a unique set of Points of Interest (POIs) based on your recent searches and your most frequented locations.

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